Brings together a wide diversity of faith and interfaith-based women's organisations in Europe to work together for peace.  The Network creates opportunities for women to communicate and learn from each other, share good practice and work in partnership with other organisations on issues concerning women and girls, grounded in faith.  The Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network allows women from different religions and cultures to coordinate strategies and pool resources and capabilities for cooperative action, shared security to achieve results that would be difficult for any single member to accomplish alone.

As part of Religions for Peace Global Women of Faith Network, the Network promotes the building of peace by working with religious leaders, faith communities, governmental, statutory and voluntary organisations as well as through practical projects at the grassroots level. It commits to put into practice the shared human and spiritual values in all aspects of its work and relationships.

Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network seeks to:

  • Enhance inter-faith networking among women of faith in Europe
  • Strengthen the capacities of women of faith to build peace,, promote just and harmonious societies and transform conflict through congregations and religious women’s organizations in Europe.
  • Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in multi-religious collaboration for peace.
  • Develop strategic relevant multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances.
  • Promote the establishment and development of faith-based and inter-faith based women’s networks in Europe.

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italy 18th April 2013
Italy: Conference on Women and Public Engagement - A Faith Perspective
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finland 8th March 2013
FInland: Training for teachers on Interfaith dialogue
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finland 15th February 2013
Finland: World Interfaith Harmony Week
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belgium 20th November 2012
Belgium: Sacred Water Campaign
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bosnia 8th May 2012
Bosnia: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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belgium 8th May 2012
Belgium: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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